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Woodwind Yachts’ Crew & Current Projects

With our combined talents, vast knowledge and experience in all types of wooden boat construction and restoration, the crew at Woodwind Yachts feel confident we can provide our customers with an outstanding wooden watercraft (be it new or restored) that will satisfy even the most discriminating yachtsman. Collectively, we have built or restored almost three hundred fine wooden boats from canoes, daysailers, Folkboats, Dragons and Metre boats to beautiful mahogany runabouts and launches, cedarstrips and cabin cruisers.


Currently (Spring & Summer 2022) we are very busy performing restoration and refinishing work to:
  • A  14′ – 1950’s Peterborough Cedarstrip runabout
  • A  15′ – 1953 Lakecraft Cedarstrip runabout
  • A  15′ –  1956 Lakefield Cedarstrip runabout
  • A  16′ – 1940’s Chestnut Canoe
  • A  16′ – 1940’s Peterborough rowing skiff
  • A  19′ – 1956 Shepherd Mahogany runabout
  • A  20′ – 1932 Gidley launch
  • A  25′ – 1967 Folkboat sloop
  • A  25′ – 1969 Folkboat sloop

In addition, we will be doing minor repairs and annual
maintenance to many of our regular customer’s vessels.

Ken Lavalette: Owner/operator, master craftsman and master finisher. Ken has over 35 years experience in wooden boat restoration and refinishing. His main area of expertise lies in the small to medium sized classic sailing craft and runabouts. Ken truly has an undying love for vintage wooden watercraft, which is clearly reflected in his attention to detail.

Luke Morgan: Master craftsman, boatbuilder and finisher. Prior to his 13 year employment here, Luke was building and installing elaborate wooden interiors in 34′ to 44′ luxury yachts. Luke is a quiet, conscientious, detail oriented woodworker and finisher. He is a valuable member of our crew who is extremely pleasant to work with.

Tom Lang: Craftsman and finisher. As an avid sailor and wooden boat enthusiast, Tom brings a variety of skills and experience to Woodwind Yachts. He is currently training to become a fully qualified finisher. Tom’s positive outlook and interest in wooden boat restoration, make him a valuable member of our crew.

Darren Kinnunen: Craftsman and finisher. Darren is the newest member of our crew. He brings a variety of skills to Woodwind Yachts, including woodworking & finishing. It is evident he has a genuine talent & keen interest in wooden boat restoration. Welcome aboard Darren.

Connie Marion: Administrative assistant. Connie is extremely knowledgeable, efficient and capable of handling all office duties associated with running a small business. She and her husband have successfully run their own small business for over 35 years. She has been with us, 3 days a week, for over 15 years, and goes about her work with a positive, cheerful attitude.


November  2021

Experienced  Craftsman / Boatbuilder  Wanted

Due to our ever increasing workload, Woodwind Yachts is currently needing to add another experienced member to our crew of craftsmen. We are looking for a dedicated long-term employee who is reliable, detail oriented and has previous wooden boat restoration or building experience.

Interested applicants should contact Ken Lavalette either by phone or email.
(905) 986-9663