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The Rebuilding of the 6 Metre Yacht “Merenneito”

NAME: “Merenneito”

CLASS: 35′ – 6 Metre Racing Sloop
BUILT: Hango, Finland, 1927
OWNER: Lars Lindblom, Helsinki, Finland

PROJECT: Remove and replace the stem, keelson and counter-horn timbre (sternpost). Drop the lead ballast, then re-attach to vessel with new bronze keelbolts. Remove and replace 113 (of the 128) steam-bent white oak ribs, both full-length sheer clamps and every mahogany hull plank. Replace all of the bronze floor frames. Replace approximately half of the deck beams along with all of her deck planking. Build a new cockpit (to match original 1928 layout), new mast step, new coamings and new floorboards. Sand and finish the entire vessel (inside and out) with 7 coats of Epifanes varnish. After she was shipped back to Finland, the customer had new spars, rigging and sails made. The final coats of salt water antifouling paint were applied to her bottom just prior to launch.