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The Rebuilding of the 6 Metre Yacht
"Merenneito" - Part 2 -

And so this project continues...

Hull planking continues - week after week, plank after plank!

The original bronze chain plate assembly which is recessed into the planking, is found to be in very good condition.
A new challenge! The hull planking in these areas, once fit to the boat, need the inside surfaces carefully cut out to allow for recessing the chain plate assembly.
This picture shows the upper starboard hull plank has been meticulously cut and varnished prior to installation, allowing for chainplate recess into the backside of the plank.

Hull planking nearing completion.


Finally, the last plank and the last plug!
The new transom and framework has been just permanently installed.
It takes two craftsmen two days of very careful hand planing to fair the entire hull.
A full week of sanding now begins! Here, a curved board sander is properly shaping her undersides.
In-line air sanders are used over the entire hull.
Now "Merenneito's" hull is ready for a few days of hand sanding!
The original rudder is sound enough to repair and re-use. With some scarfe and spline repairs done, it is now fitted to the boat.
Prior to the new decks being installed, the inner hull is sanded and the final coat of varnish is applied.
A combination of new and original deck beams are shown here, varnished and installed.
This picture shows the finished inner hull planking with the recessed chainplate assembly.
The new long-length Norwegian pine decking (same as original) has been milled. The undersides and edges are sealed with several coats of varnish prior to installation.
The new mahogany covering boards have been built and temporarily installed. You can also see the new inner transom and frame prior to the final coat of varnish.
The new deck planks are fitted both ends to the covering boards, sealed and installed. The deck planking is pre-drilled, then edge-nailed together as well as fastened to the deck beams.
After the decking has been completed, the mahogany covering boards and king planks are removed. Here, the cloth is draped over the new decking, prior to applying the epoxy.
The hull is masked up for protection from mess, then four coats of epoxy (along with the cloth) are applied to the new decks. (Originally the decks would have been canvassed.)
After curing, the decks are washed and sanded smooth (ready for primer). Here, the covering boards and king planks are being permanently installed in 3M 5200 adhesive.
After the covering boards, king planks and hull have been hand sanded for the final time, they are all stained. Here, the 4th coat of varnish is being applied to the hull.
Prior to staining, the cove stripe was cut into the sheer plank with a router. Here, the cove stripe is being painted in gold leaf, prior to further varnishing.
This picture shows the finished deck undersides (with grooves matching the originals), the upper hull with recessed chain plate assembly, along with some polished bronze deck / hull frames.
A nice view of the bilge prior to the interior being installed.
The cockpit coamings, floorboards and seat have now been all built, varnished and installed.
Approximately 10" long mermaids have been carved out of wood to match exactly the originals. They are painted in gold leaf and will be mounted on either side of the hull, forward of the cove stripe when she arrives back in Finland.
A sturdy cradle is built, capable of safely transporting her as deck cargo aboard a freighter, back to Finland.
The completely rebuilt "Merenneito" emerging from our shop for the first time. She is being transported overland to Baltimore, Maryland, where she will be loaded onto a ship bound for Finland.
"Merenneito" along with the happy crew at Woodwind Yachts. Happy to complete this exciting project - yet sad to see her go.
Now safely back in Finland, a few details are being worked out and trial fit with the new mast and rigging.
The owner has now applied the salt water antifouling paint, and she is being lifted ready for launch!- What beautiful lines!
"Merenneito" in the water for the first time after her extensive rebuild.
With her new rig and sails, she is captured here gracefully sailing down the Finnish coast.
All of us at Woodwind Yachts Inc., wish "Merenneito", along with her new owners and crew, the best of luck in competition against other vintage 6 Metre racing yachts. We hope she will be loved and well cared for for generations to come.


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