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VESSEL: 1963 - 37' Robb Cruising Sloop

OWNER: Bernd & Heather Haertel, Ontario, Canada

PROJECT: Remove and replace 5 full ribs, scarfe repair 8 additional ribs and sister 9 partial ribs. Remove and replace 8 planks and scarfe repair another 29 planks as required. Remove and replace transom and framework, rudder, 1 floortimbre, engine beds, plywood sub-decks, 22 deck beams, covering boards, bulwarks, entire superstructure (cabin), cockpit, carlins, 1 bulkhead, washboards, grabrails and part of the aft interior. Scarfe repair the sheer clamp, 3 interior bulkheads and perform numerous misc. repairs throughout. Re-caulk the entire hull. Completely refinish the vessel's entire exterior, partially refinish the interior, and hand paint the original name on the transom.

This lovely classic cruising sloop, then named "Heron", was purchased by Mr. & Mrs. Haertel who realized she had some obvious (and some not so obvious) problems which required professional attention. Since "Heron" was to be transformed back into better than new condition, at the completion of the project it was the owners' wish to change her current name back to her original name "Menina".

And so the project begins ..........

At the new owner's home, the vessel's hull exterior is completely stripped to bare wood, revealing some obvious problems.
Although the transom paint has not yet been removed, there are obvious problems in the vessel's stern.
The vessel is then transported to Woodwind Yachts on a hydraulic trailer. It takes 2 days for the snow and ice to melt off the decks!

The transom is removed revealing extensive deterioration of the framework.
The transom framework, aft decks and cockpit are removed unveiling further problems.
With the cockpit removed, we can now also see the extent of the deterioration in the aft superstructure.
The cabintop is removed which gives us access to repair and replace interior bulkheads as required.
Since the plywood sub-decks are to be replaced, the entire superstructure is then released, raised and secured to the roof - out of the way meanwhile.
This view shows the deterioration in the aft starboard side of the raised superstructure.
With the entire superstructure removed, the teak decks and plywood sub-decks are removed. Two of the port bulkheads have now been step-scarfe repaired.
The new transom framework begins taking shape.
This view shows the new aft floortimbre and some of the upper ribs which have been scarfe repaired.

New aft deck beams have been built, sealed and installed, along with some of the partial sister frames.

The garboard, broad and 2nd broad planks have been removed on both sides to gain access to problems lurking in the bilge.
This view shows the extent of deterioration in some of the lower rib ends which will be properly scarfe repaired.
Wooden wedges are epoxied into all fastener holes, then chiseled off smooth. The lower ribs are then properly sealed prior to installing the new planking.
Continue on with the next chapter of this remarkable restoration!
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